Songs include “Doin’ the Jewish Goodbye”, “I Can’t Help It, I Worry” and “My Bubbe’s Brisket”.

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Debbie Stern,
Women of Germantown Jewish Center

“Lauren’s performance was not only funny, music-filled and entertaining, but educational as well. A perfect program for our group!”

Emma Davis,
Activities Director,
Rhoda Goldman Plaza

“Lauren’s program was fun, informative and engaging! It was wonderful to be able to bring the world of theatre directly to our residents!”

Lauren skillfully weaves together history, comedy, and original witty songs to reframe and reclaim the Jewish Mother character, celebrating what we treasure in that heritage while exploring how to move past a dated, inaccurate, and hurtful stereotype.


Songs can include Lauren’s most popular such as “The Sexual Harassment Prevention Song (Hire More Women)”, “Just Another Middle-Aged Jewish Mother With A Crush on Steph Curry” and “Dear Internet Trolls”.

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Brian Copeland, award-winning actor/comedian/writer

“Lauren Mayer has a unique ability to find “the funny” in the most challenging social issues we face in America today. She has been an invaluable voice on my podcast; she’s the cherry on top of the sundae in my live stage comedy extravaganzas."

Christine Krolik, Producer/Director, Burlingame Country Club.

“Lauren is simply the best. A supreme wordsmith, clever lyrics, genius composer. I feel so blessed to be able to work with her!”

Every week, Lauren writes a topical comedy song about current events, from a feminist, progressive, and slightly snarky progressive. She started in 2012, so she has over 600 songs from which to tailor a performance.


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Allison Rodman, Director of Sales & Marketing, Rhoda Goldman Plaza

“Lauren & Scott’s joy and artistry brought the house down! Definitely on our repeat playlist."

Lauren and her crooner husband Scott Grinthal are a new twist on the typical cabaret duo – he’s the good-looking singer, and she’s the wise-cracking pianist and backup singer, reminiscent of Lucy and Desi, Steve and Edie and Louis Prima and Keely Smith. (Yikes, did they just betray their age?). Their programs include standards, popular singalongs, and their signature cabaret show, looking at the ups and downs of wedded bliss through show tunes, pop favorites, and original stories.


Leslie Ragsdale,
Event Chair,
Burlingame Woman’s Club

Show titles include: Self-Care With a Smile"; "Hey You, Voice in my Head"; "I'm Fine* (With an Asterisk)"; "Celebratory Roast/Toast”. Or they can design and write something just for you.

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"We all laughed, sang along, and even danced! And we recognized ourselves in their musical stories, so we truly felt seen!"

John Gray
(author, "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" series)

“Their unique and very funny show made my wife's party extra special."

Karen Drucker & Lauren Mayer (two very funny ladies) create customized programs on an astonishing array of topics to suit your business, club or special event. They are entertaining, instructive, and just plain fun.  


Note – I have been flexible with most of these in the past, e.g. there usually isn’t a private green room, I sometimes have to bring my own Bluetooth speaker or keyboard, but this is my wish list:
For “Don’t Mind Me” and “Facts”:
  • Microphone on stand (ideally wireless) with PA and stage monitor
  • Link in system for playing tracks (either from ipad or flashdrive)
  • Green room (private area with restroom and mirrors for changing/waiting between opening house & starting show)
For “Yes Dear” – add 2nd microphone (one on boom stand) and acoustic piano, recently tuned

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