If you can Laugh it, you can deal with it!

- Lauren

Hi! I write comedy songs about everything from current events to sleep deprivation, aging, and more. Every week I post a new song inspired by current events, to help you laugh at the news that would
otherwise make you cry. And check out my brand new album and show, celebrating and de-stigmatizing Jewish mothers – I’ll be verklempt!

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Can we find a new version of the Jewish mother character that dispenses with the nagging, intrusive, guilt-dumping shrew and yet still manages to be funny? I make the case that we can in my new album and keynote program.

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Don’t Mind Me
(I’ll Just Sit Here in the Dark)

The reviews are in...

Liz Callaway, Broadway/cabaret Star

"Lauren's brilliant Sondheim parody is great fun to sing and my audiences love it! Her political writing is spot-on and I'm so happy her songs are getting seen by a broad audience."

Jen Schwartz, Elephant Journal

“When the song was finished, I was smiling so big that I had to watch more – relevant, timely and fun!”  

Laura Goldman, KOWS-FM

"Lauren's a great Parodist-in-Chief, with blazing creativity providing laughs as we deal with political (un)realities!" 

Helen Shortal, writer

“Brilliant, a musical comedy triumph”