- Lauren

Hi! I write comedy songs about everything from suburban life to politics to holidays
(oy, so much material, so little time)
And I'll be verklempt if you check out my Hanukah album!

Just what you didn’t know you were looking for: 'Latkes, Schmatkes' - Hilarious songs for Hanukah (or Chanukah, Hanukkah, or however you spell it). The best remedy for getting us through our favorite Jewish holiday (or at least the one that falls around that other big holiday season)


"Click on the latke if you don’t want
to suffer anymore."

The reviews are in...

Liz Callaway, Broadway/cabaret Star

"Lauren's brilliant Sondheim parody is great fun to sing and my audiences love it! Her political writing is spot-on and I'm so happy her songs are getting seen by a broad audience."

Jen Schwartz, Elephant Journal

“When the song was finished, I was smiling so big that I had to watch more – relevant, timely and fun!”  

Laura Goldman, KOWS-FM

"Lauren's a great Parodist-in-Chief, with blazing creativity providing laughs as we deal with political (un)realities!" 

Helen Shortal, writer

“Brilliant, a musical comedy triumph”