Hi - thanks for visiting my page! Here you can find my recent videos, recordings, info about my performances, and more. I write & perform comedy songs about everything from suburban life to politics (So much material, so little time! . . . ) - because everything is easier to deal with if you can laugh at it.  Enjoy!

- Lauren

The reviews are in...

Liz Callaway, Broadway/cabaret Star

"Lauren's brilliant Sondheim parody is great fun to sing and my audiences love it! Her political writing is spot-on and I'm so happy her songs are getting seen by a broad audience."

Jen Schwartz, Elephant Journal

“When the song was finished, I was smiling so big that I had to watch more – relevant, timely and fun!”  

Laura Goldman, KOWS-FM

"Lauren's a great Parodist-in-Chief, with blazing creativity providing laughs as we deal with political (un)realities!" 

Helen Shortal, writer

“Brilliant, a musical comedy triumph”