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July 18, 2018

Welcome To My Strange Mind

If you hadn’t already guessed from my videos (or if you’re brand new to this site), my mind works in weird ways.  But apparently weird can be fun, because people have told me they enjoy my occasional random musings on Facebook or by way of introducing my songs, so I’m going to write more regularly in this blog.

I’ve always had a less-than-standard point of view.  I’m old enough that when I was little, The Wizard Of Oz was only shown on television once a year, and even on our tiny 13-inch black & white t.v., I found the witch so terrifying that the only way I could get through the movie was to pretend to myself I was rooting for her, so then when it looked like she’d get Dorothy’s ruby slippers, I wouldn’t be so scared.  Incidentally, by the time we had a color TV, I’d gotten too old & busy to watch it, so I just assumed it was a black & white movie.  Til I was in college when they’d show special movies during finals – usually one kids’ movie and one pornographic one, and during both, let’s just say stressed out students enjoyed a wide range of substances.  Anyway, when Dorothy emerged into Munchkinland and it was in vivid technicolor, I thought I’d gotten a contact high and was hallucinating.  I once told this story to my stepdaughter, who couldn’t understand why I didn’t just watch the video or get it on Netflix . . . trying to explain life before DVRs and on-demand was harder than convincing myself I was rooting for the witch!

Even as a kid, I struggled not just with insomnia, but with rebound insomnia (not being able to sleep because I was so frustrated by my inability to sleep).  Which isn’t so uncommon, but I made it worse for myself by lurking around the house, peering in on my sleeping siblings and freaking myself out by the realization that for them, it was already tomorrow, but I was still stuck in today, like the horrifying twist ending to a Twilight Zone episode. 

I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that my inspirations for topical songs sometimes come from strange sources, like driving home from a tap dance class and hearing news about the GOP tax plan turning into a 1930s style song about “Voodoo Economics,” or a song based on seeing a photo of a protest sign saying “I Didn’t Come From Your Rib, You Came From My Vagina”, So I’ll post here when a song inspiration is particularly odd, or when thoughts hit me (in the mode of Andy Rooney’s “you know how when . . . ?” diatribes on 60 Minutes, if you’re old enough to remember those!, and if you’re not, I just probably outed myself as old enough to be your stepmother . . . . )

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