Yesterday I did something radical, for me – I got a manicure.   (How shocking!) I know, that’s not unusual for many women, but as a pianist I keep my nails short. For decades I’ve believed nail polish would look ugly on my short, fairly wide nails, so the only manicures I’ve ever gotten were before […]


February 21, 2019

Giving Myself A Hand

Any parent of young children has heard that phrase often enough in the car.  (One day when I was driving my kids somewhere, and they were driving me nuts asking that question, I simply said “Yes.”  That silenced them momentarily, perhaps because it made them consider the concept of an existential ‘there’, but more likely […]


January 30, 2019

Are We There Yet?

If you hadn’t already guessed from my videos (or if you’re brand new to this site), my mind works in weird ways.  But apparently weird can be fun, because people have told me they enjoy my occasional random musings on Facebook or by way of introducing my songs, so I’m going to write more regularly […]


July 18, 2018

Welcome To My Strange Mind

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