Facts Have A Well-Known Liberal Bias

Comedy and songs for left-leaning audiences, including Lauren’s current viral hit, “The Sexual Harassment Prevention Song,” plus tunes like “It’s a Scary Time to Be a Jewish mother,” “We are All Immigrants, You Shmucks,” and “Dear Internet Trolls.”

Psycho Super Mom

Comedy & songs about suburban motherhood, aging and sleep deprivation, including spoken word routines about those annoyingly perfect moms and teaching kids the facts of life, and songs like "There's Always A Diorama," "Getting Lucky Tonight", "Have Aliens Replaced My Kid?", and "Embarassing My Offspring."

Yes, Dear!

Lauren is joined by her crooner husband Scott Grinthal in a reverse of the standard cabaret couple - he's the good-looking singer, she's the wise-cracking pianist. They look at the ups and downs of wedded bliss through stories about their own marriage, pop standards, show tunes, novelty songs and original compositions.

Comedy for Baby Boomers

Music and stand-up comedy about the joys of middle age, along with the pay-offs of persistence and achieving social-media success in the Millennial age. Songs include Lauren’s recent viral hit, “The Sexual Harassment Prevention Song,” plus “I’m Not Old, I’m Vintage,” “You’re Never Too Old To Chase Your Dreams” and “Grownups Get To Have Fun, Too.”

Here are some examples of shows Lauren performs. She can write you a completely customized show, or she can enhance and customize one of her repertory shows with an original song or two about your organization, event or cause.

Performance & Technical Requirements

Lauren is happy to perform at any event, including the opening of an envelope, if there's an audience of people who need to laugh. She won't even require you to pick out the red M&Ms!  However, if you want to make it more of a show, it's great to have:
• Microphone & sound system appropriate to your venue
• Some sort of stage, lighting, or anything else that will help people hear her
And she'd be kvelling if you can add:
• A piano, if the venue has one
• A dressing room so she doesn't have to change in the utility closet
• Transportation costs

For availability, customization options and more details, email us -

What are people saying...

Joseph Santorsa, co-host, The Tim Corrimal Show (Netroots Radio, Indie Media Weekly)

"If democracy dies in darkness, Lauren's music brings back the light."  

Nicole Sandler, host/producer, The Nicole Sandler Show (Progressive Voices Network, ET Al)

"Since laughter is the best medicine, Lauren’s songs help me laugh at the thing that most often makes me sick these days.”   

John Gray, Author (Men are from Mars series)

“Her unique & funny show made my wife’s party extra special” 

Toni Tails, entrepreneur/artist

“Absolutely love your work – so tickled I stumbled upon it!”